3Clean - SIA NanoTec Latvija


Due to specificity and properties of our products, we have developed special program “3Clean”.

Program target: Minimize use of chemical detergent in your organization, to reduce costs and risks.

1) HIGH concentration & multi-use products reducing the number of cleaning products to just
three: reduced storage space, ordering procedures, product handling, goods management,
transport costs, waste management, etc.

2) HIGH performance of our bio-technology products providing an immediate (fermentation
extracts) and continuous (ultra-specialized bacteria) cleaning action and easier subsequent cleaning.

3) HIGH precision of dilution systems with a fixed ratio which allows the correct dosing of biotechnological
cleaning solutions, and therefore consistent performance at the lowest possible cost.

4) HIGH degree of simplicity in training with clear procedures for the process and “green” cleaning
methods: colour coding system, pictograms, hygiene and product training. This improves employee
productivity and ensures optimum results with a minimum of dangerous errors.

5) HIGH visibility in the control of dilution, thanks to a unique system of references, codes and colours on
each label.

6) HIGH degree of safety with neutral pH biotechnology products, thus eliminating risks and reducing