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About Us

NanoTEC Latvija biotechnology company focused on the research and distribution of professional high-performance biotechnological cleaning products. NanoTEC Latvija company was founded in 2010, but despite such a young age, her staff formed a team of highly qualified experts in their field. “Enthusiasm ! This word first comes to mind when meeting with our team” said Andrei Petrov , CEO director of the company. ” Without it, can not do in any case. Whether it’s setting up a company claiming to be the first role of the market, or performance of the company, already a world leader in its field. Therefore , we attribute the increase of our market presence and recognition , not only with the line of bio-products which is really superior to traditional chemical products for all indicators , but also with great dedication the whole team”

Since its inception, NanoTEC Latvija displays innovation, bringing together the knowledge and use of the latest technologies in the field of biotechnology and chemistry of light“. Our goal is to surpass highest standards with respect to the end user, the environment , product performance , and quality control. Our technology combines sophisticated active bacterial cultures and fermentation extracts of different biological molecules , resulting in a product which is 100% safe , biodegradable, quickly and effectively act to satisfy even the most demanding wishes.