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Since the beginning of the modern era, the cleaning industry is dominated by the chemical industry. This industry is fiercely focused on oil resources, in order to turn them into active detergents. Now, when we see that these resources are increasingly depleted, the chemical industry turns its hungry look on agricultural resources. Agricultural resources are renewable, but they are produced in the vast arable areas that are restricted and can not be multiplied. If you take into account the socio – economic impact (increase in food prices, reduced availability of some major crops, etc.), essence is catastrophic. In fact, chemical strategy was always the same: the use of resources for the production of polluting products.The technological approach is the use of renewable energy and increase the qualities of biotechnology to limit the use of petroleum products and plant resources. The approach consists in the transformation and production resources as possible in large quantities and can not use resources which become waste.


On today we are global leaders in Biotechnology and in products that we offered on markets. This allowed us to safe Eco-system and open new almost inexhaustible sources of raw materials for products production, we have achieved opposite effect “from least amount of raw materials (bacteria) we can produce any amount of products for population”, years ahead”, with out risk and damage to Eco-system & peoples, and go ahead of “chemistry, Bio and all other products” on our markets by all main factors.

We demonstrate our Bio-technology in comparison with chemistry and chemistry with green technologies (Bio & etc.) by 5 factors.

1) Health Risk

2) The risk to the eco-system

3) Price

4) Innovation

5) Efficiency





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We ahead not only time, but and standards: