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Bio Scrub

Bio/Био scrub

Bio Scrub - this prodct to clean and remove plaque from the surfaces of soap, scum and lime.

Bio Scrub  – product to clean and remove plaque from the surfaces of soap scum and lime. The product is based on a combination of readily biodegradable surfactants and enzyme extracts, which are obtained during lactic acid fermentation. The exact combination of ingredients provides a powerful cleansing effect in removing plaque and cleaning surfaces without the need for a strong acid or alkaline products. Enzymatic extracts help to displace calcium and magnesium ions, cause the formation of lime and other mineral deposits.

Ideal for cleaning showers, bathtubs, urinals, toilets, faucets and other surfaces exposed to water and / or soap suds. Ideal for everyday care of floors in the locker rooms and areas around and around swimming pools.

For professional use. pH -3.5

Diluted in a ratio of from 1:15 to 1:50.