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Bio Karpet Kare

Bio/Био karpet kare

Bio Karpet Kare - this is a strong biotech detergent & stain remover with a deodorizing effect for cleaning carpets and fabrics.


Bio Karpet Kare – based on the combination readily biodegradable surfactants, enzyme extracts, and natural bacterial cultures.

Approved Woolsafe®, in recognition of his work, tissue compatibility and sustainability. After applying the leaves on carpet and fabric surfaces useful and enduring bacterial flora that continues to biodegrade organic matter and eliminates odors remaining after cleaning.

Ideal for carpet cleaning, carpet, sofas, car upholstery, curtains and other surfaces covered with cloth. Good to use as a means of care between thorough cleaning. Also means established itself in the carpet dry cleaners.

Diluted in a ratio of from 1:50 to 1: 200.