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Advantage of BioLife products

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  1. Technology
    • We did not invent anything new, we just found a way to make this mechanism available to peoples, nature use it allready for thousands years
  2. High efficiency

    BioLife use Eco way,  with out any damage for products effectiveness. Wherein our products ahead another detergents by effectiveness and more economy,  but active components give to products high universal and performance even in cold water.

    • Products dont need hot water to get max. performance and cleansing power
    • Effectiveness is more higher than have another detergents
    • Do not leave streaks
    • More products to 1 L of water, is not effective
    • Products work not only on materials surfaces but permeate into pores and destruct mud from it
  3. Concentrated

    Mass of BioLife products is concentrated form and its not active, products start work only when you mix it with water

    • Concentrated dose to 1:300 (from 3.3 ml/L water)
    • Its help economy money and place on warehouse but also reduce carbon emission, use of plastics, cartons, paper and another materials


  4. Multitasking

    BioLife its also multitasking products

    • 1 product you can use on difference surfaces, without loss-less in performance and quality
    • Economy time & money
  5. Сomposition

    Products created from components that undergoing rigorous testing and selection

    • No organic solvents, what is it ?
    • No alcohol
    • No impurities or additives
    • No phosphates (salts, ethers and etc), what is it ?
    • No ingredients, that harm ozone layer
    • No genetically modified organism  (GMO). what is GMO ?
    • No combustible substances
    • No carcinogenic, mutagens or teratogenic ingredients and industrial poisons.

    (Many substances of different chemical components and standard detergents are capable of human exposure to cause malignant degeneration of cells, disrupt fetal growth and even cause damage genetic code (mutagenic effects). Up to allergies, various diseases and even cancer, and taking into your attention that complete decomposition of chemistry is up to 30 days/evaporation you may breathe VOC every day.

  6. No VOC

    Volatile organic compound (VOC)

  7. Safe for environment and surfaces

    BioLife products is safe

    • Do not violate protective coatings
    • Do not spoil and do not violate integrity of surfaces
    • Safe for environment
    • Our products is full degradable in 14 days, w/o harmful for health
  8. Safe for peoples

    Maximum of safety

    • Products is safety for humans and for surfaces, this reduce risk of responsibility for personal and necessary use of personal safety products (gloves, glasses and etc)
    • Long use of products do not cause dryness and irritation of skin, allergy, irritation of mucosal and respiratory


  9. No air pollution
    • Our products have safety level of emission А+ ( products is safe for use indoor and outdoor)
  10. Level of (pH)
    • All products have neutral pH level, just about as milk. What is it ?
  11. Convenience

    Economy of place and costs

    • Only one can of our product replace 1.5 ton of standard detergents on your warehouse, same time you low your money & time costs
  12. Comfortable code system

    Color code system

    • Each product have unique color
    • This provides fast and reliable control of product quality, as well as easier work with them
  13. No EDTA

    Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA)

  14. Performance
    • Performance of products growing from cleaning to cleaning and you can fill that you dont need mass of time & every day cleaning, products still work after you even complete cleaning
  15. Raw materials
    • Technological approach of our company is to use of renewable and increase qualities of biotechnology to limit the use of naphtha products and plant resources in principle, while achieving exemplary efficiency, without compromising health and environment.