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What is it ?

Biologically active components, or how does it work ?

Its cleaning performance , our products are required to biologically active components in their composition – cultures of bacteria that provide high-performance products , even in the periods between cleanings and even in cold water.

Leave the cleaning nature

At a dilution of the product in water , the bacteria become active and getting to the surface, an army of invisible workers began to work tirelessly , decomposing fats and oils into water and carbon dioxide, while on the surface of the removal of all organic contaminants and unpleasant smell, which appears in the course of their natural decomposition in the periods between cleanings . Products are beginning to work already in contact with contaminants on the surface , and productivity increases from cleaning products to clean . Thus , the products are doing a very heavy lifting for you and eliminate the need to use caustic cleaning chemicals .


Food safety is achieved thanks to the low chemical ingredients . In only soft foods contain chemical ingredients that are used in the lowest possible concentration for the sole purpose – to support and stimulate the life of the biologically active components. Products meet the highest quality standards and the requirements of international and European programs (EcoLogo, EcoLabel, Leeds, Enviro-Perfomance , etc.) to protect the environment and reduce the negative impact from the production of the chemical industry and the use of household cleaning products .
The program BIO TrioClean

A program with high added value

High concentrations of universal means of reducing the number of necessary products to just three , and also requires less storage space , procedures for ordering products, creates fewer problems in the handling of the products , their accounting, transportation, costs for their disposal , waste management , etc.

High performance biotech products provides immediate ( enzymatic extracts ) and long (special bacteria cultures ) purifying effect and facilitates the subsequent cleanup.

High precision metering systems with a fixed rate allows you to receive biotech products in the optimal concentration for the lowest possible money and reduces the losses caused by the cultivation of “the eye “.

The high degree of simplicity and ease of training , combined with “green” cleaning methods : the system color coding , icons , hygiene and training to work with the products. This increases the productivity of employees and provides optimal results with minimal risk of error and the National Assembly.

High transparency in dosage due to the unique links, codes and colors on each label . The high degree of safety of neutral pH biotech products eliminates risks and reduces the range of responsibilities of staff .